It's a waiting game now

So I arrived in Viana do Castelo late Thursday last week. After 25 hours of flying and around 50 hours between leaving home and arriving in Viana do Castelo I was a zombie. Friday was a write-off, I spent a short while inspecting the course.

The boat had not yet arrived but it seemed like there was progress. Parcel tracking showed that the boat had arrived in Portugal and was being processed by Portuguese customs. But then late on Thursday the tracking status changed to "Held by import border agency", which is a basic way of saying there's a problem with the consignment and customs are holding on to it until it's resolved. But in my zombie state I didn't think much of it, thinking I would get it soon.

However, customs close in the weekends and the problem became complicated. It's Monday and I have no boat! It looks like it still could be a couple of days before I get it, it's very frustrating.