At sea in the last week

Last week I discovered a few projects worth mentioning.

Tres Hombres

The Tres Hombres (Three Men, in English) is a sailing boat that travels the seas transporting cargo using only the wind. The boat has 12 sails and although it was built in 1943 to me it looks like a modern day pirate ship. Awesome stuff!


Last week Rolls-Royce announced they are working on an autonomous ship. This is the engine manufacturer, whose insignia you may have seen on the side of an airplane engine. This is not Roll-Royce the car manufacturer, which is actually BMW these days.


Exxpedition is a group of woman sailing the oceans to raise awareness of:

  • The lack of gender and race diversity in exploration and sports.
  • The impact of pollution on health, particularly woman's health.
  • To raise awareness of gender specific diseases.

Their documentary is very interesting. They travel the seas in a sailboat, taking sea water samples along the way and it's disturbing to see that every sample contains plastic.